Boek 'Energy 4 Life'


Boek 'Energy 4 Life'



Taal: Engels

Co-authored by NES Health co-founder Harry Massey and NES Health Director of Education, Steve McCardell, this book is a fascinating dive into the world (and the science) of bioenergetics.

While recognizing the importance of modern medicine in certain situations, the book also lays out its conflicts of interest, its flawed research, and why it (and even nutrition) must fall short when considering the physics of the body. It then shows how our bodies — like batteries — must be regularly charged (and how to do this), and how the body’s underlying control system must make the most of how it uses that energy.

This leads into a gentle but complete introduction into how our bodies produce their own energy fields and respond to energy fields, and why this points to the future of medicine and wellness — a charge being led by companies like NES Health. The book even covers things like:

  • Why stress isn’t always bad for you. Learn what kind of stresses you want in your life.
  • EMFs — also not always bad. Learn how some forms can actually support your health.
  • The wonders of water. You know water is necessary for good health, but water’s secrets are even more profound than that.


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